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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> director brinkman director nolan director ramos director rubke directors please be advised director heinecke will not be peer we have quorum item 3
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please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. cause microphone interfere please placed them in the off position arrest minutes for the meeting so moved. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> i's have it item 5 directors that please be advised the closed session will not happen today and unfinished business. >> director heinecke and i attended wanted 25th selection of ada of the lifeguard last week several hundred people were there the highlight for me and perhaps perhaps for director heinecke the group of young people we extended the free muni to they performed.
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>> wow. >> they ada is important because they got up and sank and it was really we've seen a wide variety of people with disabilities in support. >> it was a great event and tom nolan it is important to see the people having access to muni to have a full life in san francisco we're doing good work and nice to hear it is having a positive back it was a lovely celebration and an award to the arena. >> on to the next month in celebration we're seeing issues like the elevators and escalators and all that makes sure it is in fully compliance director. >> i saw a timely news article
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i wanted to make sure that everyone is aware supervisor christensen from district 3 talking about the stockton tunnel and better bike and pedestrian assess in that tunnel and asking for the help of agencies to move forward and i was so excited to have a supervisor coming to us with that type of bike and pedestrian request was really exciting i'll be interested to seeing that tunnel issue it is such a fabulous link if chinatown to the union square and beyond and if i walk there it a couple of weeks ago it was innovate pleasant it is nice to improve that. >> item 7 director report. >> good afternoon director reiskin good afternoon members of the board and staff and members of the public i want to ask our chief financial officer and staff to come forward to
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recognize one of her great employees. >> good afternoon directors it was a significant pleasure i want to give that award they've been here 3 years in the 3 years managed the conflict projects what did lead in wireless agreement that came with the wireless companies implementing took a lot of initiative and happy to move the zoning plan forward being the facilities and the tension and similar key to moving moving that forward and working on the ensues to relocation 3 shops on marin and she's managing the rfp project 4 off-street parking so the city is involved in a bunch of prongs so thank you for the work and your professionalism and your
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district r triblth and your respondedness to our needs thank you. >> (clapping.) thanks director. >> on behalf of the whole broshgdz for a well done job thank you. do you care to say anything no? >> i'll try to change that i have a lot of things to cover i want to you've hired heard about the investments in improve the muni serve from our director in terms of the things in terms of service improvements nerngz in terms of the street improvements to reduce the delays in muni what we talked about a little bit late in our capital plan the infrastructure improvements
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that are equally as important in improving muni service particular the subway service to that end a couple of projects in the capitalized budget in the last 92 few years our replacement of our radio and our - i'm pleased so say we're heed to start construction that's the good news the challenges to work on sunday in the subway we need to expand the amount of time that is available we have a short window between 2 and 4 in the morning when the subway is not running with you do our routine maintenance to replace the emergency system extensively system and the radio system both of which are decades old and need of replacement so in order to do so starting at the end of
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this month and running through the end of the year we will be closing down the subway early in the evenings not not evenings with you crossing from 10:00 p.m. to the start of service so closing a few hours earliest than normal and have bus shuttles that will run 2w7b embarcadero and the circle from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. that is the regular night time service will take over a little bit of drurpgs in the service and make time for us to provide long time benefits for the liability and safety of the system we have been doing outreach went out and talked to the nominations and made adjustment because the feedback from the folks and working with everyone from the office of civil engagement and the mayor's
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office on disability and have ambassadors out there you'll be seeing a lot more public communication about this so you'll not catch anyone unaware it is great we're moving this project forward despite the fact there is a little bit of impact so you'll be seeing more on that by the way wanted to let you know about that more immediately this coming weekend the presidio packing project is shut down ideally drive into the city if golden gate bridge will not have the eastward opposite of ted downtown the drive will be closed only coming down 19th street and we've been working closely with the parties to try to minimize the disruption and pretty good information phenomenon this packing at 511 which we encourage people to pay
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heed to there is impacts to muni on 19 avenue will be 3w5u7d backed up so we will have heavy details and do our bench warrant to mitigate we've routing people off of 19 avenue but not good options we'll be working with officers and the cultivates and encourage everyone to plan ahead for that moving on to vision zero we at our request we're providing periodic updates on this progress and although it is not a great year to be honest in terms of the number of people killed on the streets a lot of the work too high committed to do is still progressing you'll see some of them on the calendar
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today but particular focused on implementing some quick and effective miles an hour we can do their temporary we can know will have an impact on safety some highlights in february 2013 we adapted vision zero at 2 hundred and 50 intersections citywide as a of mid june we've made significant headway on the network this is 12 percent of the intersection that are rob for 17 percent of collisions and more than a hundred intersections with the red zone curbs it is we call day lighting once the measures are the safeties zones competing with bulb outs cross the city improved walks nearly hundred
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intersections and updated 34 intersections as i said you'll see others on the calendar but wanted to a quick check in and on track to make sure that we get those 24 more significant projects down more or less by the end of the year we're making good progress on vision zero and continue to keep you up to date and continuing to develop the website pay attention to that. >> a couple of other quick things one an excited collaboration working with sf beautiful and sf don't you have was coming out of the effort to save cable cars we're partnering
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with muni that will transform 50 muni buses into moving park galleries the purpose to support the local artist to can i imagine the public to make a better experience force the riders we've had through sf beautiful more than a hundred artists apply and 10 finalist were chosen and the public will ultimately help select the 5 artists who is going work will be open is buses there is public online voting that will be open until july 17th assessable and the artists will be awards fund through communicated challenge grants that beautiful successfully apply and receive with our support up on the buses this
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fall so great way to make sure there are good things happening on our buses as he role through town a great collaboration and partnership one quick note owns this coming monday, i will be joining with the great general manager of department of transportation selena to post a daylong workshop focused often safety and delivery in the cities cross california we'll be meeting are state transportation leader from secretaries from other major cities that we are facing the same challenges and opportunities we have here in san francisco senator jerald steinberg will be helping and it is an exist opportunity to be
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able to work together with city and partner with the city not just asking so for more money but really figure out how to work with us in advancing the goals around safety so we'd like to excited i'll let you know how that goes and then finally a remember to everyone thursday at noon at union square the 52 understanding cable car arranging competition for anyone that hadn't begun the year bra we had a lot of fun we'll have some of the best bell ringers i want went to the preliminaries it is great consolidation and june whitaker will be defending his title there was a lot of steep consolidation secluding u including someone that is a 3
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time winner and looking for one more victory noon another union square on thursday be there and that concludes my report. >> say one thing about safety as you know i'm one of the san francisco's representatives to the caltrain joint powers board we talk about sherry belmount and most are suicides there is a difficult problem so much the train system is open but palo alto is working us many have occurred in palo alto and working with the suicide experts and things like that it is a very, very difficult if someone wants to jump in front of a
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train it is a 70 mile runway we recent occurrences available so we're going to working e work hard and 14 the first half of the year and a lot of young people students from palo alto high school so that's what we're trying to do directors anything else members of the public? good afternoon >> david pilpal give me i was going to commit general public comment but the twin tunnel that was public outreach i made requests for information at this time i'm still waiting to hear back from staffer the capitalized construction starch david greenway and others my understanding was the twin peaks
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intentionally project discount precedes through construction until the sunset tunnel was done and i asked at a recent braid meeting the quarterly construction report you used to get you didn't get a response i'm wondering and requesting that report e.r. some update on capital projects particularly those that impact the transit service from the twin peaks tunnel were r work is going to starts at the end of this month i don't believe there is any outreach to the public to inform them of the schedule the impacts the bus institutions plan etc. i'm interested in that and request whatever information guests to that end and with
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doyle drive. is there a summary routine to get to 19 avenue and presidio to the marina thanks >> anyone else seeing none ms. bloomer. >> moving on to item 8 the advisory committee report directors mr. weaver is not here in report and item 9 public comment consent calendar be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items we'll start with herbert wiener and david you've said everything david followed by jim. >> herbert wiener only one minute oh thank you okay herbert wiener
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now, did you tell the disabled when they were celebrating the ada that the mta expects them to walk a quarter of a mile to bus walking is good for you i wonder in the church didn't say that to the moormz before their dedicate mark the other response the paratransit will be a substitute for walking a long distance but the present arrangement is imperfect good people take the bus to where we want to go if you have to call a day in advance to arrange for paratransit to go a quarter of a mile you'll have to call several timesal month by taking the bus before this is wasteful and not
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everyone will qualify for paratransit this has to be addressed and this is not sufficiently addressed the medical professionals have in the been addressed and this is catastrophic relatives and i wonder if this is for a latitude under 5id all i have to say it people walking a quarter of a mile is muni backwards. >> jim and the last people turned in a speaking under public comment. >> good afternoon. >> directors thank you i need to have someone rep taxi drivers but first of all i want to thank the tuesday for the waiving of several fees that
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were waived recently it is need but we're in dire stratsz i'm coming to ask for anything else to be waved but the one thing i'm asking you is things continue to be difficult for the taxi industry the industries tree. >> drivers income is down thirty or 40 percent and the biggest problem is that you're aware of the tmcs on the street my reason to come before you i'm not disappointed in our perp but in the city in general they've not step forward that is our city and we've got tax regulations for a lot of reasons how many taxis some the streets 9 hundred taxis and the drivers have to be
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vetted and go through those things and the states regulating that we don't video power that they're coming to our city with 10 or 20 thousand vehicles here in the streets without sufficient insurance and causing pollution ton thursday or friday nights and all i here r hear it the puc and the state when are we're going to stand up and fight say hey regulations are regulations and this is our city we're concerned about what was happening i've not heard it thank you for being reactive but pro-active is good thank you >> seeing none. >> the commission. there will be no separate
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discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests we received a request from the public for safe of 10.6 and 3 unless the members of the board wish to have an item sound proof. >> most to approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> 10.3. >> various parking garage modifications public speaker david pilpal. >> good afternoon i want to express opposition to this proposal that a a xhelgd intersection 3 removals 23 parking spaces it is a lack of parking in this area thanks. >> members of the board. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second any further discussion>>
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all in favor, say i. >> i. >> emphasizing. >> 10.6 authorizing the director to authorize the contract for the unity plaza in the amount of of $2.48 million for 2 hundred plus calendar day any request from the member of the public. >> david pilpal i have a question i'm not familiar with the opportunity plaza and not sure where the location i wasn't getting the ball park calendar can someone explain where this location is i don't want this to be a sunset issue. >> the plaza is immediately east of the new housing development on ocean avenue that is west of the used to be sale on loop so when with we redesigned the bus turn around the terminal the
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49 we basically slung our footprint for the housing department for the mayor's office of housing and space between the new housing development and the new bus terminal that through a fairly expensive community process working with the mayor's office of housing culminated in the design for this plaza and it was part of the overall exchange of land and reconfiguration of that space. >> i speciality the extended explanation in the future when you have a project that isn't of commonly known location if you could for example include ocean avenue that would have been descriptive. >> motion studio approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed?
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ms. bloomer. >> all right. moving on to the regular calendar item 11 various parking modifications on the 19 avenue transit cord i will not read all through (laughter). >> unless you all vote. >> so we have a staff presentation. >> yep. >> good afternoon mr. kennedy. >> good work directors so i'm shawn kennedy the muni mta program manager and excited to be talking about 19 avenue i think this project highlights really the interaction between vision zero and muni elements and created a visual for 19
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avenue and highlights some of the cooperation highlights with not only other city agencies but the state agency 19th avenue is owned by the state so real quickly moving forward for the members of the public that might not knows muni forward is the name of the program that sfmta is undertaking to advance the to major transportation goals of the city both for public safety and improving the muni reliability on the transit corridors so their funded o those two why a project on 19 avenue 3 conditions that we noted and want to address first pedestrian safety this segment of 19 avenue went to you lincoln
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south of the golden gate bridge and 4 hundred collisions on that 3 mile 53 were pedestrian collisions and out of 54 there were 6 fatalities so 6 pedestrians in 5 years along the 3 mile corridors obviously that a high injury corridor so pedestrian safety is one of our top thank you for having me wellness we wanted to address and second the transit reliability i'm sure you're aware of as i mentioned this is a state road heavy volume 70 thousand cars a day traffic up and down that street 3 lanes in each direction a lane can take a thousand cars in the peak directions that means out of town basically in the p.m. there are 3 thousand cars going down
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19 avenue at the capacity of the road and that results in congested conditions of rolling slows down and unite not notice the slows down stuck in the slows down and that over the course effects the transit reliability in addition to that congested delay the transit vehicles currently under the 28 r make a lot of stops the 28 local stewardships r stops 22 times in each direction about this dlokz it is essentially stopping 24 times and stopping a lot for the stops as well the second congestion has reliability issues around the 850s on the on time performance that is well below the system
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average it is 8 to 10 percent below the system on time average and, of course, the buses the 28 operates all throughout the day and the 28 right direction operates at two periods in the morning from 7 to 9 and in the afternoon from two to four basically a school trip bus makes 7 stops along the segment and 28 right direction are accredited with the told her of even during the we understand very, very crowded buses going going up and down 28 avenue so after we developed our original proposal that we're addressing those 3 issues with the environmental review in march of 2014 we started a number of outreach